Social Media is one of the famous words among everyone. Who does not have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account or a blog? I don’t think we can find someone like that. One person will have at least one of the account for personal usage or for  their business. People love social media because it’s free and it has lots of activities to spend around. Also it is not hard to learn. Anyone can use and learn it so fast.

When we come to the business nowadays social media marketing help businesses around the world to become successful. Most of the companies do social media for their business as well as their sites. It is one of the effective ways of increasing the traffic to your site. Social media helps to develop the relationship between you and the customer or viewers. Simply it helps you to get the gigantic attention from others. Social media are different from one to another. For example Twitter allows you to share only small messages, Facebook allows to share videos, long messages, albums, and lots of various  stuff. Pinterest allows you to share pictures with a small message. Google+ allows you to share things same as Facebook but the difference is it allows people to add you circle under some privacies. YouTube allows you to share only videos.Likewise there are lots of differences.

Some of the famous social media sites are


Have fun with Social Media!!!

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