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SEO has a greater demand nowadays. There are a lot of people who are entering into this field. Well, if you are in SEO field then your target should be to become an  SEO expert. Even some might think that they are already an SEO professional. Do you know there are some basic facts any SEO professional should know. They are

1.     HTML language
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup language. Not only for SEO if you are planning to find an online job then definitely you should know the HTML language. Also you should know how search engines are reading your code.

2.    CSS Language
Knowing the CSS language is not a must but It help you to work with HTML and in web designing. CSS will make your task easier to style your website.

3.    Search Engines
As an SEO expert it is a must to know how does the search engines work and how they help to rank the pages.

4.    Keywords
SEO experts should know how to select a proper keyword when ranking.

5.    Web development/ Web designing
SEO experts should know how to design and develop a website. It doesn’t mean that you should have a certificate to provide that you are an expert in web developing but you must have a basic knowledge.

6.    Google
You should know about latest updates from Google and what are the Google rules when doing SEO. Also you should know what are the things which Google banned and not banned. Also you should know what kind of things do the readers love to read.

7.    Writing ability
This is one of the easiest methods to attract the people and  make a community also to get more backlinks.  If you have the capable of writing and provide a good, unique content to provide for readers then it would be an addition remark to become an SEO expert.

8.    Social Networking
You must know about the social network. How can social network help to rank your page. And how social networks are related to SEO.

9.    Duplication of content
As an SEO expert you should know how to check duplicates and if there is a duplicate content in your website how to remove them as well. Because of the search engines found out that you have a duplicate content then your site would name as a spam website.

10.    Link building techniques
There are almost 20 different ways of link building. You must have used almost every link building and you must know how they work and how efficient they are. That doesn’t mean that you should use all of them but you must know the differences and the efficiency of them.

I have mentioned only 10 effective tips to become an SEO expert. Remember there are more so make sure If you want to become an SEO expert you should know well about SEO subject.


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