Valentine's Day Tips

Only few days more for the lovers' day. So have you thought anything special to do for your loved ones? If not here are the simplest and easiest things you can make your loved ones so special.

Tip #1
Special Evening at home

These days all are busy. Our daily routine has been home to work place and working place at home. So let’s make a change, Let your loved ones feel the different. Set your home, apartment or where ever you stay a little bit comfortable where you and your loved one can stay. Bring some food and and enjoy. Watch movies from your home theater. You do not have to spend a lot of money. Just keep a place for you two only.
You can spell “I love you” on his/her plate.
Play games together.
Watch movies together.
Candlelight dinner.

Tip #2
Make your own card/ gift

I believe this is so romantic and touchy. Who does not love to get a handmade gift from your lover? It is always meaningful than you rush to the shop and buy something. Your handmade shows how much time you took to make the card/gift and it shows how much you care him/her. You should not have a talent for this. No matter how bad it look your lover will keep it with him/her. Not only handmade,
If you love plants then you can gift a small plant
If you love to travel you can take your lover for a walk with guidance.

Tip #3
Go for a tradition

In early days what people did to celebrate valentine was gifted a one red rose or a bar of Chocolate. So you can try it as well. But In a different manner. You can have a small dance in front of her and gift a flower, or you can do a crazy thing to surprise her while gift your gift.

Tip #4
Exchanging sweet and cheesy gift

This idea is a cute one. You can exchange fancy ornament with your lover. It could be something memorable and keep somewhere, where she/he can see it every day. The size is not matter. Girls love crazy stuff so this would not be a hard thing to do.


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