Can we live without Water?

Water is one of the fundamental building of all living beings. It could be for human, animals, trees, etc. 
The human body is made out of cells, organs, fluids and bones. Every organ must have water to continue to live. Also the survival of the kidney, the purity of the blood and the heart depend on water.

The human body contains 65% of water. Especially, humanly vulnerable to dehydration. There are many ways of loosing water from our body such as urine, sweat and as well as from the breath.

When we are small we try to hold our nose and stop breathing just for fun and to check how long we stay without our breath. But to check how long we can stay without water is hard. (And please do not try).

When there is a major heat  an adult can lose averagely 1.5 liters per hour. Mainly it happened because of sweating.  Anyway there are several factors which effect to survive without water. They are

•    The temperature
•    How much fat does your body have
•    The food you are having
•    Are you resting or working
•    Are you exposed to the sun

Normally a human can survive 12 days without water if the room temperature is 70 Fahrenheit and without food. If the room temperature is 120 Farenheit  a human can survive 2.5 days. But only if the person is resting without any work.

Approximately a human can survive 3-5 days without water.

If you stay without water, the first experience you can face is dehydration.  But we all have experienced on milddehydrationn.  If you are working with an Internet connection  you would never experience the symptoms of moderate of severer dehydration.

Mild dehydration symptoms are Lower frequency of urine, Urine develops a stringer odour and urine colour will darken.

Moderate dehydration symptoms are dry mouth, less urine, rapid heartbeat and extremely dry eyes.

Server dehydration symptoms are no urine, Lethargy, no urine and skin becomes blue- grey and cold to the touch.

After these symptoms occurs finally the skin will feel cold as the blood pressure drops. And the skin will take on a bluish greyish tinge. Then death follows soon after.

So drink water as much as you can. Fill your bottle with at least 8 – 10 water glasses. And drink always. Don’t wait until you get thirsty. Make drinking water as your habits to live a healthy and a joyful life.


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