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This news is about the latest technology that anyone would be curious to know more than the modern trend Smartphonesones.

This is the moment we waited for. Last year Google announced that they are going to design a perfect magical glass by making a huge revolution. Now the Google has announced that they are going to release the Google Glasses by the end of the year 2013. Regular people can purchase Google Eyewear for less than $1,500. Some might think what are the benefits and why all are giving publicity for this latest eye wear.

Well Google glasses are similar to Smartphones but advanced. If will act according to your voice command. If you say “take a picture” then it will automatically click for a picture, you can record anything without holding anything, hand free, It acts as a video conversation too. You can share anything you like live. Just as Skype conversation. It acts as a GPS too. This would be a great tool for travellers. If you want to ask something in a different language the Eyeware will convert what’s on your mind to their language and make your task easy. I have mentioned only few but there are plenty of benefits which we would never dream. I would call this as a dream gadget since it does lots of things which a smatphones does not do.

If you need more details visit

This is the website which Google has designed to update the latest news of their product.

Watch this video and feel that you are wearing the Google glasses.

Now are you curious to see and buy this product? Well I am . I wish I could try them at least for a second. This eyeglasses will change the world and lead to the high speed technology world. Now we can see these glasses not only in movies but in real words too. This is something we have to proud of our human power.


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