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Are you a YouTube fan? Of course you are. Whenever you need to find a video or a song the first place you are visiting is YouTube. There are a large number of users around the world for YouTube but only few are taking the real benefits from it. YouTube is not only an entertaining  site. It can be used as a marketing tool as well.

YouTube is an excellent source of traffic. It is an easy method to get more viewers to your page through YouTube subscribers.

Build a good community.

When we hear the word social media the first things that pop out of our mind is Twitter, Google+ , Facebook or Pinterest. Many people do not realize YouTube is also a social media site. As I mentioned earlier it is not a place only for the entertainment. Your business can be popular because of YouTube. Normally what most of the people do is they create a YouTube account and post videos and waiting until viewers subscribe just only from their random searches. That is not the correct and best way to promote. You have to do a little networking as well.

Network meant to find another channel on YouTube which is related to your niche, and subscribe it. When you subscribe them, they might subscribe you as well when they receive your subscription or else your subscription will be enough  to check them what have you got. If you subscribe to the channels which describe your niche well then you can get the real and more benefit.

Another method is commenting on other videos. Let’s say if you check  a video which is same as your niche. Then you can comment there “ It was a great video… check mine!” or you can type saying “I like your collection, I have some videos you might like… check mine”, you know something creative and attractive. Automatically you will get more viewers because of that.

It is simple as it is. Just like other social media sites. If you know how it work exactly, the task would not be hard.

Videos should be updated and quality.

The next tip is the quality of the videos. The real meaning of the subscribing is to get latest video updates. If you are not posting enough videos for the subscribers, they might think you are an inactive user and will unsubscribe from you. Also the quality should be really good. The best way to maintain your posting video is making a time table. You can decide per week how many videos are you going to post or what are the days you are going to post new videos. You do not have to always post your own original videos you can outsource as well. But remember, do not outsource every time.

Whenever you post a new video make sure to update it in your other social media as well.

What subscribers want?

Always take the opinions of subscribers. Keep in touch with them. Post what they like. The only way of finding their opinion is by reading their comments and messages. You can offer additional helping information to them and make a strong relationship with the subscribers for a successful perspective.


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