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All the search engines have the same basic principles. The only and the minor difference is the results relevancy. When we talk about the search engines they are simply like competitors in the same industry. Same as identical product innovation companies have minor different factors, search engines also have some different factors that are vital. The main reason behind this is providing a quality service for their users. For an example, the algorithm of Bing is intentionally done just the opposite of Google. As a result, you have to optimize carefully when you are planning to conquer with search engines.

When we look at the difference between the search engines there will be a lot to talk. An example for this is Yahoo and Bing. On page keywords factors are important for Yahoo and Bing, but for Google the very important factor is links. Even Yahoo does not have a fondness towards domains and sites with tradition, while the Google site prefers wine- the older, the better.

We have to work harder till the site gets admitted by Google than Yahoo.


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