Good Bye Windows Live Messenger

This would be a sad news for windows live messenger (WLM) lovers. 

Do you know that Microsoft announced that they are going to replace WLM  with Skype’s messaging tool? Yes they are. 

By March 2013, The WLM would turn off. This change will be happening worldwide except in China.

Window Live Messenger was launched in the year 1999. At the beginning it was known as MSN Messenger. Time passed new features added to WLM such as video calling, photo delivery and games.

In 2009, WLM had 330 million active users around the world.

In 2011, Windows bought Skype a hefty $8.5 billion. 

Now you can imagine what Microsoft is going to do. They are planning to integrate Live Messenger contacts into Skype, and there is talk of a Skype client for the Xbox 360.

If we analyze we can see WLM has double the number of Skype users. WLM will be scorned for yahoo messenger only. Anyway it’s their decision and what we can do is adjusting to these changes only. This step can be a good or a bad. We’ll see in the future. 


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