Pick Sunglasses according to your face shape

I know this is a problem when our beautiful ladies have to face when they are shopping. When we want to find a good pair of sunglasses what we do is, try all the sunglasses in that shop and select what we like. But remember it will take time and just looking at the sunglasses you can’t say whether it will  perfectly suit for your face or not. There is a simple way of checking which pair of sunglasses would be perfect for you. It’s according to your face shape.

Oval Face

If you have an Oval face shape then you have the luckiest ever.  You do not worry, try any sunglasses you prefer. There is no restriction for you, anything would suit you.

Round Face

Your sunglasses should have the ability of making your face look long and thin. Wider frames and rectangular frames would be perfect for your face.

Diamond Face

There is an easy way of finding a diamond shaped face. These faces have high or wide cheekbones with a narrow forehead and chin. When you are choosing a sunglasses make sure the style should not be wider than the top of the cheekbones. Oval shaped sunglass and square frame sunglasses would be the ideal choice for you.

Heart shaped Face

I personally believe, this is a cute face shape that a girl can have. But to look more beautiful sunglasses that are wider at the top and smaller at the bottom would make it more stunning.

Square face

This face contains strong jaw lines, wide cheekbones and broad forehead. Oval, round and cat eye shaped frames would be perfectly matched to your face shape.

Choose the best which suit you and enjoy the world of trends….


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