Lyanne’s Journal - # 1

Have you visited to France? France was my dream country. When I was small I had a dream to visit France at least for one day. Finally my parents helped me to fulfill my dream. They gave the golden ticket (air ticket) as my New Year gift.

Day 1

It was a one hour and fifteen minute tour from London to Paris. Just after I landed Paris, the first place I went was my hotel. I must say it is one of the greatest hotels I have ever been, the fantastic interior which is mixed with a western core is incredible. The hotel staff was so friendly and I never felt that I was out of home, when they heard it was my first tour to France they just took me a virtual tour around and was explaining about Paris, the tradition, the language and the places I should visit before I leave.  I was so curious to go out and have a look. So in the afternoon I went out just for a walk. The road was so clean and the smell of Paris enthuses me more. I know French a little bit and I had an English-French book which helped me a lot to have a good conversation with people.

Day 2

 From the hotel, they have organized a day tour for the new visitors. It was a tour to “The Louvre”.
The Louvre
It was such a huge museum and it was one of the largest museums in the world. The Louvre is full of artwork. When I research I found that they have over 1 million art pieces. I love the architecture and the interior of the museum.
After visiting there we got an opportunity to go for shopping for a few hours. And I must say most of the items were really expensive.  At night I joined with an American couple and we all went out for dinner. It was a small place. But we enjoyed a lot over there.

Day 3

This was my dream day, visiting to Eiffel tower. We all were so nervous to see the tower. We went in the morning as they advised that in the morning we could avoid the crowd. But still we had to wait dew hours in line. It was such an amazing place. I felt the people are so lucky to have such an amazing place. There was a picnic place and a perfect ground to play. Time passed the crowd grow bigger and bigger. When I saw the crowd I was glad that visited in the morning.
We head to the hotel back. And the hotel has organized a great entertaining moment for us. It was a little show about France tradition. I have learned some new words as well.

J'aime la culture de la France……

Day 4

Today is my Final Day in France. I was so sad, also at the same time I was so happy because each and every moment that I spent in France was remarkable and was a great experience in my life. I wish my parents were with me right now. The time is 7 PM, I am waiting for my flight. Good Bye France.

                      Je t'aime France... Tu me manques...


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