Attention – Google shutting down iGoogle

Google has announced that iGoogle will shut down  on the 1st of November 2013. iGoogle was originally launched in 2005. It is a customizable homepage. Through that you can add any number of gadgets to the Google homepage. The benefit of iGoogle is you can access to any activity and information across the world without leaving the Google homepage. It has been one of the famous marketing useful products which brings more benefits to the users. Right now millions of millions use iGoogle. According to Google, I Goolge has lost its usefulness because of the introduction of modern applications that could run on Chrome and Android devices. But there are more benefits in iGoogle. Some are:-

•  We can view messages in Gmail
• Check weather forecasts, movie showtimes and stock exchange.
•  Read Google news headlines and top stories.
•  Quick access to the bookmarked pages from your computer.

The mobile version of Google has already been retired on July 31st 2012. 
Anyway there is a petition going around the web to stop this action. They are respectfully asking for not to kill iGoogle. Let’s wait and watch the reaction of Google about the petition.


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