Top 3 Horror Movies - Latest

I am a huge horror movie lover? Are you too? Well I have listed below the best 3 horror movies so far. Well there are more movies but these are the latest horror movies I have watched.

The Cabin In the Woods

For the surprise, My friends who hate horror movies have watched this movie and said it was such a great scary movie ever they have watched.  I guess the movie become one of the top famous horror movie of the year.

Released:          April 13, 2012 (USA).
The Director:     Drew Goddard.
Running time:    95 minutes
The main cast:   Kristen Connolly
                             Chris Hemsworth

The Woman in Black

I must say it was a great movie. While I was watching this movie I could not get my eyes out of the screen. I was so much addicted. It flows very nicely until the end.

Released:           February 3, 2012
The Director:     James Watkins
Running time:    95 minutes
The main cast:   Daniel Radcliffe
                            Sophie Stuckey
Abraham Lincolon: Vampire hunter

This was another great movie. It is an American action fantasy horror movie  based on the 2010 mashup novel of the same name.

Release date:      June 18, 2012
The Director:      Timur Bekmambetov
Running time:     105 minutes
The main cast:     Benjamin Walker
                              Dominic Cooper

Share your ideas with us. What is your favorite horror movie(s)? 


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