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OK, yesterday when I was searching something else on Google, accidentally I saw an article. I was so attracted to that article and I start to search more and more about it. It was about Barbies. No, not the barbies we used to play. It’s about real life barbies. I am pretty sure you have heard about them. But do you know that there are several real barbies in the world? Yes there are. Anyway I will write only about the most famous living Barbie out of all. She is none other than,

Valeria Lukyanova

She is a Ukrain model. When she was 21 she had a plastic surgery to become a living doll. Not only then until now she had to use a lot of cosmetics to transform herself to be a  Barbie doll. She was lucky to become the famous Russian woman around the world. There are thousand of photos videos of her around the world. Will you believe to hear that she has over 1.5 million videos around every corner of the world.
Valeria has big shiny eyes, an ample bosom, long blonde hair and a tiny curved waist. She always follows barbies as her role models and try to be exactly like them.

If we take the comments of her photos and videos. Most of the commenters have commented on the negative side of her. Most of the people does not like the ways she is and they think it’s a ridiculous idea to become a living Barbie. Also some have commented she is so disgusting and never ever wanted to see photos and videos of her. And some say there is a huge contrast when she is wearing make ups and without make ups.

But remember, Valeria is not the first woman who tries to become a living Barbie on this planet. A British woman names Sarah Burge paid $800,000 for a plastic surgery to become a living Barbie doll. She has earned millions of billions in advertising just because of her appearance.

   Valeria After makeup                    Valeria Before Makeup

Because of these real barbies becoming a living Barbie doll have been a trend within teenage girls.
Anyway there are many living barbies right now in the world. Some of the names are

• Jenny Lee
• KotaKoti
• Heidi Montag
• Paris Hilton

What do you think about them and do you like to be a living Barbie doll as well?


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